Mysteel Copper Morning Meeting Minutes 20210903

2021-09-09 10:19

The economic data released overnight by the United States was generally better than expected, the US$3.5 trillion tax and expenditure plan was suspended, and the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve deal would release 1.5 million barrels of crude oil. The heavy rains hit New York City, the United States entered a state of emergency, and Powell won a House of Representatives. With the support of important members of the Democratic Party, the Bank for International Settlements and the four countries carried out central bank digital currency experiments. Xi Jinping: deepened the reform of the New Third Board, established the Beijing Stock Exchange, and Dalian Commodity Exchange raised the margin level for speculative trading of coking coal and coke futures contracts.
   electrolytic copper
   Due to uncertain factors such as delays in shipping schedules, and the difficulty of finding a box of shipping boxes, even if the early import window is opened, the arrivals are still limited. A small amount of imports arrived yesterday, and the inventory rebounded slightly, but it is still difficult to ease the tight inventory situation.
Copper strip: Copper prices dropped sharply yesterday. A copper strip company in Shandong market T2 copper strip transaction price was 73900-74200 yuan/ton, H62 brass strip transaction price was 56500-56800 yuan/ton, order volume was 130 tons, an increase of 30% month-on-month , The terminal purchase sentiment is strong, the traders are more active in getting the goods, and the transaction is fair. A copper strip company in Jiangxi market placed an order of 250 tons yesterday, an increase of 40 tons from the previous day. The drop in copper prices stimulated the demand for goods from terminals and traders, and overall transactions improved. The person in charge of sales of the company said that the decline in copper prices stimulated demand release. We believe that the demand is still there and that the continuous rise in copper prices is a short-term phenomenon. Under national regulation, it will return to normal and copper prices will remain stable.
  Copper rods: The market transactions of refined copper rods in Jiangsu area were average yesterday, and the order volume dropped sharply compared with yesterday. Copper prices continued to decline yesterday, downstream sentiment has changed, and the number of bearish groups has increased. Therefore, cable companies mostly held a wait-and-see attitude, and their purchasing sentiment was general.
According to feedback from a recycled copper rod company in Hubei, 352 tons were sold yesterday, and the transaction price was 69,100 yuan per ton. The sales staff of this company said that because there was no shipment the day before yesterday, they reported low prices for shipments. The downstream terminals are actively purchasing. The current purchasing volume exceeds It is expected that shipments may be controlled today.
In the recycled copper rod market, due to the continued price drop yesterday, some manufacturers shipped at low prices in the morning. Cable companies have slightly increased their acceptance of market prices today, and the overall purchase volume has increased by about 50%-60% compared with the previous day; Copper rod manufacturers are mainly worried about the further fall in prices tomorrow, so they cashed out part of the funds at a relatively high position yesterday for the later purchase of recycled copper raw materials.
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